With the Educational Support Program, the aim is to make every stage of the development process easier for children and young people who are exposed to various inequalities in education and training under socially difficult conditions. School-age students (secondary school, high school, university) are provided with in-cash and in-kind financial aid, counselling and educational support. In addition, the personal development of children and young people will be supported, decision-making skills and positive aspects of the outlook on life will be acquired, and the creation of tools and environments in which they can transfer their views and thoughts to enhance their participation in social life will be enabled. Activities such as drama, psychosocial support, summer camp and self-awareness workshops are organized. It is ensured that children and young people are aware of the risks brought by poverty and that they are able to express themselves in a field by making themselves aware of this risk. In this program, not only the children and young people but also their families are followed up and their families are consulted on matters related to material, legal and women/gender issues. The goal is to be able to have an impact on the lives of children and young people as a whole.