Within the scope of the Educational Support Program, students who are in need due to forced migration and war and who are exposed to in-system violence in various dimensions are supported with priority. Within the scope of the program, in-cash and in-kind aids are provided to improve the current situation of the school-age students (secondary school, high school, university), and studies are carried out by creating a counseling and education support system.

The Educational Support Program is not limited to granting scholarships only; the students are visited at their homes and the information such as family members, their needs and the student study environment in the house are observed and recorded. In order to increase the success level of the students in the school, Supplementary Support Trainings are conducted; groups for support trainings given by volunteer teachers are created and course subjects of need are studied and questions are answered hereof.

In 2017,  students from 30 universities, 30 high schools and 19 secondary school were supported under the scholarship program.

In 2018, a total of 48 scholarships, including 2 universities and 46 secondary and high schools, continues to be given.